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Welcome to MyWorldMyPlayground

We are a travelling family of three. Dad (Ricky), Mum (Dina) and our mischievous little toddler (Nathan).

Just an ordinary family, living ordinary lives, but with an audacious dream.

We hope that our experiences and adventures will help you travel with your children... it’s really not as scary as you think!

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September 18, 2017

We all dread those long plane journeys, especially with a toddler! The anxiety, the anticipation, the whole airport experience is enough to blow the most seasoned traveller's stress levels through the roof! 

But if you can make it through airport security and immigratio...

September 11, 2017

Stepping out of your comfort zone

We're all guilty of sticking to what we know, it’s safe, and its familiar and most of all it’s the one place where we know our boundaries. Everyone gets wrapped up in their own lives, whether it be education, work or family commitments....

August 12, 2017

Is there ever a right time to travel? 

Is there ever a right time to travel? 

Making that life changing decision is scary, believe us! Setting out with no real plan, a one way ticket and a toddler was daunting to say the very least and yes we doubted our plans and oursel...

August 11, 2017

Essentials when travelling with children

As if packing for yourself wasn’t stressful enough, packing for a family can seriously bring on the white hairs! Every parent’s nightmare, is for their child to go without; for you to run out of supplies because the world as we k...

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Hi Guys, here is a little it about us and how we ended up on this journey


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