Ricky, Dina & Nathan

Hi Guys, here is a little bit about us and how we ended up on this journey…

Married in 2012, in a colourful, big, fat Indian wedding, it was on route to our first honeymoon destination that a promise was made: we would travel to as many faraway lands and discover as much of the world together as possible.

Then reality set in and life as we knew it took over. We lived a comfortable, ordinary life in the suburbs of London. The confined, overcrowded commute to and from work became the norm and taking a lunch break or leaving ‘on time’ became a bit of a novelty.

It wasn’t until April 2014, that our lives took an unexpected jolt. We were expecting our first child. Overwhelmed with excitement, with fright, and nerves, we waved goodbye to our dreams of travel and settled for the life that society dictated for us.

That was until September 2016……

Settled now in our nursery and work routines, we were comfortable. From the outside looking in, we looked like a perfectly ordinary family, living ordinary lives, doing ordinary things. But for us the confines of our daily routine became suffocating and in one daring moment the spark was lit & our dream was reignited.

Of course we were full of doubt, not only were we uprooting our lives, but that too of our baby. After much deliberation, It came down to this: we had a few short years to spend with our son before he started school, it’s a time that we would never get back and time that we weren’t prepared to waste. We left our jobs, packed up our worldly goods and within the next 3 weeks we’d be on a one way flight to Brazil.

We never knew then, that we would in fact start our journey no longer a two but as a trio of very best friends. Hand in hand, we’ve giggled our way across the globe and made some incredible memories.

This has been the time of our lives.

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Hi Guys, here is a little it about us and how we ended up on this journey


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