Basic Information:

  • Capital - Canberra

  • Largest city - Sydney

  • Official languages - English

  • Currency - Australian Dollar

  • Entry Requirements for UK citizens - UK.GOV


Safety Information:

  • Keep Electronics hidden away

  • Keep cash in money belt

  • Take taxis at night

  • Avoid dark streets, stay in public areas

  • Keep an eye on all your bags at all times

  • Don't drive at night in the countryside



Famous for its laid back attitude, Australia is the place to come for a bit of everything. Its major cities include, Perth, Alidade, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Canberra, Its Capital. Much of the country is in the harsh desert like outback, however the major cities lay on the coasts.

Deep within the outback in Uluru lays the beautiful red rock called Ayres Rock, which is best seen during sun rise and sun set. Getting there however is a bit of a struggle, the quickest way is to fly, but it’s very expensive

Sydney is a major tourist attraction with the iconic Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge and Bondi Beach. Many people visit this city as their first port of call before exploring what Australia has to offer.

The Biggest living organism, The Great Barrier Reef is accessible from the East coast of Australia, with gateways such as the Whitsunday islands or Cairns.

Here are the top things to do in Australia:

  • Great Barrier Reef

  • Sydney Opera House

  • Sydney Harbour Bridge

  • Bondi Beach

  • Uluru

  • Blue Mountains

  • The Gold Coast

  • Great Ocean Road

  • Fraser Island

  • Twelve Apostles

  • Cape tribulation

  • Whitsunday islands

  • Daintree rainforest

  • One of the many zoos

Guides to the areas we visited

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