Accommodation can vary a lot depending on your budget or the facilities you want.

we were pretty open about where we stayed. we stayed in airbnb to hostels, hotels, to a farm.

they all are good and have everythiing you need in them.

as a preference for us it was better and more convinient for u to saty in a hostel or airbnb as you have the facility to cook your own food. this is a major bonus when out the road for so long as eating our every day can seiuolsy cut your trip short very quickly. 

accommodation also varies a lot depending on the country you are in. for example, a motel in Australia will cost you about £50 per night but in south east Asia you can stay in a 4 star hotel with swimming pools and breakfast included for about £20 per night.

booking your accommodation can be very confusing so we generally stuck to 2 or 3 sites,, and airbnb. was our number 1 choice as there is no upfront costs and majority of the rooms have free cancellation and breakfast. were also good as you only pay a small deposit protection fee(£1-2). we used these 2 a lot as our plans would change almost daily so we would never know where we would be the following day.

take a look at the booking sites we used for our travels below

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