Boracay is a small paradise island in the central Philippines. It's known as the party island, its resorts and white sandy beaches. Along the west coast, White Beach is backed by palm trees, bars and restaurants. On the east coast, strong surf makes Bulabog Beach a hub for water sport. Coral reefs and shipwrecks offshore, offer a vast array of marine life whilst the nearby observation deck on Mount Luho offers panoramic views over the island.



How to get to Boracay


We got to Boracay for Manila, we landed at Kalibo airport which is about 1.5 hours away from the Island of Boracay. However there are two options:


Fly to:


Kalibo – Flights to Kalibo are by far the most frequent to Boracay although your overall journey time will be longer, as you’ll need to transfer to the jetty (1.5 hour bus journey).


Caliclan is a much short distance to the jetty (10 miles), however flights to this airport are often diverted to Kalibo due to having a short runway and flights to Caliclan seize to operate at dawn.


Getting to the Island involves a bus or car journey followed by a boat ride.

The best way to do this is through a company called south west 

This company are located in the baggage claim area of the airport upon arrival. They offer several packages

  • Bus only

  • Bus and boat

  • Bus boat and cab

  • Door to door


As you can imagine the price varies per service


The bus is perfectly fine if you’re travelling solo, but we opted for a private car as it worked out only a few dollars more expensive.


They offer an incredibly professional service and their uniform makes them stand out. We were offered help with our bags on and off the boats. But expect to give a tip.


You can either book your return trip the same day or from their offices in Boracay Island located next to MacDonald’s.


Where to stay in Boracay


Boracay is a small island that is separated into 3 sections stations 1, 2 and 3, it doesn’t take long to walk from one to the other


  • Station 1 – Is the quietest of them all with impeccable, white, sandy beaches. Here is where you will find all of the luxury hotels


  • Station 2 – Busiest stretch of the beach, here is where most of the bars and restaurants are found, as well as D’mall. It’s a boutique area of shops and restaurants adjoining the main road to the beach. Resorts are pretty standard here but a bit pricey as they’re located in the main area.


  • Station 3 – Similar to station 2 but a lot less busy, budget accommodation can be found here.


We stayed in a place called Piccolo Hotel. Located a 2 min walk from White Sands beach, it is just far enough from the main road and lively beach to have a perfect night’s sleep. Rooms are large, modern and clean. Cannot complain. Breakfast is from set menu options but still good.


Things to do in Boracay with children


  • White Sands Beach – Perfect clear waters, bright white sand. Enjoy the day relaxing here, or walking along the bustling beach front.

  • Puka Beach – Take a tuk tuk or a boat tour to Puka beach, an untouched part of the island, crystal clear waters for swimming or snorkelling

  • Crystal Cove – Take a boat tour to visit this island, bear in mind that the tour price does not include the entrance fee to the island.

  • Willies rock – Willies rock is a rack formation located a short walk either on the sand or through the waters from White Sands Beach. You can climb to the top for photos.

  • Diving / Snorkelling – There are many diving schools here or tours for diving in the local shipwrecked areas.

  • Watersports - Along the beach there are several vendors operating water sport activities from jets skis to parasailing.

  • All the above except parasailing is so much fun for children of an ages. The water is calm offering perfect conditions for toddlers to splash around.

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