Basic Information:


Safety Information:

  • Keep Electronics hidden away

  • Keep cash in money belt

  • Take taxis at night

  • Avoid dark streets, stay in public areas

  • Beware of demonstrations

  • There are a lot of Pick Pockets

  • Beware of counterfeit money

  • Taxi Scams - Money switching, faulty meters

  • Keep an eye on all your bags at all times



China’s vast landscape everything from deserts, grasslands, mountains, lakes, and even beaches. Beijing, fuses the modern world of architecture and design with historic sites of ancient China such as the Tiananmen Square and the secret that lie within the Forbidden City Palace Walls . The highlight for many (including us) and major tourist stop, the Great Wall of China runs across the North of the country and is accessible close to Beijing in Badaling.​

Shanghai is the financial capital of China with its modern skyscrapers and shopping complexes. The Bund showcases Shanghai’s eclectic city skyline, firmly grounded at the end of Nanjing Road, a shopping mecca for everyone.​

Here are the top things to do in China:

  • Forbidden Palace

  • Tiananmen Square

  • Summer Palace

  • Terracotta Army (xi’an)

  • Great Wall Of China – Badaling

  • Temple of Heaven

  • Oriental Pearl Tower

  • The Bund

  • Giant Wild Goose Pagoda

  • Nanjing Road

  • High Speed train

  • Disney Land

Guides to the areas we visited

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