Basic Information:

Capital - Phnom Penh

Official languages - Khmer

Currency - Cambodian riel

Entry Requirements for UK citizens - UK.GOV


Safety Information:

  • Keep Electronics hidden away

  • Keep cash in money belt

  • Take taxis at night

  • Avoid dark streets, stay in public areas

  • There are a lot of Pick Pockets

  • Beware of counterfeit money

  • Police Corruption

  • Taxi Scams 

  • Keep an eye on all your bags at all times

Guides to the areas we visited



Cambodia sits between Thailand, Vietnam and Laos so easily accessible from these countries by air or land. In the north is the city of Siem Reap, the home of Angkor Wat. Angkor Wat is the biggest Temple complex in the world and was built during the Khmer Empire. With hundreds of temples and ruins available to see you will never be short on day trips. Be sure to start your temple day trip before sunrise to catch the sun rise behind the magnificent Angkor Wat temple.

In the south is the Capital city of Phnom Penh. Home to the government buildings, financial district and Palaces. The Mekong River runs through the centre with bars and restaurants lined along the walkable riverfront.


Here are the things to do in Cambodia

  • Angkor Wat

  • Angkor Thom

  • Bayon

  • Royal Palace

  • Silver Pagoda

  • Ta Prohm

  • Terrace of Elephants

  • Central market

  • Killing Fields

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