Basic Information:

  • Capital - Havana

  • Largest city - Havana

  • Official languages - Spanish

  • Currency - Cuban convertible peso, Cuban peso

  • Entry Requirements for UK citizens - UK.GOV


Safety Information:

  • Keep Electronics hidden away

  • Keep cash in money belt

  • Take taxis at night

  • Avoid dark streets, stay in public areas

  • Beware of demonstrations

  • There are a lot of Pick Pockets

  • Beware of counterfeit money

  • Police Corruption

  • Taxi Scams - Money switching, faulty meters

  • Keep an eye on all your bags at all times



Cuba, an island in the Caribbean still under communist ruling. The capital Havana is adorned with toppling pastel coloured buildings, and Spanish architecture dating back to the 16th century. The streets are loaded with brightly painted and restored 1950’s muscle cars offering taxi rides, to city tours.

Cuba is famed for its legendary Cuban Cigars which are produced from the many tobacco fields dotted across the country.​

Cuba also caters for the ‘resort type’ holiday makers. Varadero offers a multitude of all-inclusive hotels along its peninsular. The attraction of Varadero is clear, calm, turquoise blue waters, complimented by endless stretches of powder white sand.​

Cuba’s internet access however remains an issue. Whilst the internet can generally be accessed on a pay as you go system, you’ll need to ensure that you are in a ‘Wi-Fi zone’ in order to connect. And if you’re wondering where these Wi-Fi zones exist, trust us you’ll know it when you see them. The area will be saturated with people on mobiles, laptops and other hand held devices!, Ensure you to do your research before you travel to Cuba  as bookings from any US based companies are also prohibited.

Here are the top things to do in Cuba:

  • Old Havana

  • Morro Castle

  • Plaza de la catedral

  • Plaza de Armas

  • Plaza de la Revolucion

  • Vedado

  • Varadero

  • Old car tour

  • The Real Fabrica de Tabacos Partagás


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