Saving for a RTW trip with children


Now that you’ve got a plan and worked out a time frame, it’s time to face those questions we’ve all been avoiding:


  1. How much money will you need

  2. How to save to fund your RTW trip


As a family of 3, we travelled continually for 8 months, visiting 18 different countries from East to West. Covering a whopping 55,000 miles; travelling by any and every mode of transport available to us; staying in a combination of apartments; home stays; hotels and hostel and hitting up all of the major attractions  whilst exploring those lesser known and making our own adventures.

A few questions we asked ourselves:

  • Did we have savings to cover the cost of our trip in its entirety?                                  No

  • Did we have some savings?                                                                                         Yes

  • Did we have reasonable employment prospect on our return?                                    Yes

  • Could we reasonably cover part of the cost through later instalments?                       Yes

  • Could we generate an income whilst travelling?                                                           Yes

  • Could we actually do this?                                                                                      Hell Yes


We were fortunate to be able to generate some income through property rental. Albeit not a huge amount, but enough to cover our expenditure with the addition of some savings.

If your employment prospects are reasonable upon your return or you’ve been lucky enough to agree a sabbatical, then credit cards are a good way of differing immediate payment. Look for cards with 0% interest but don’t forget to pay them!


Savings Plan

Saving can be tough, especially during the summer when everyone’s in the beer garden, or Christmas, where you develop the sudden desire to eat and drink everything. Not to mention, birthdays, parties, Easter, school holidays, dining out, mother's and father’s day…the list is endless & there is always an occasion to SPEND!

When devising a savings plan, you’ll need to be realistic and strict:


Work out approximately how much you’ll need

  • Consider flight and accommodation costs?

  • Will you have cooking facilities/ will you be eating out?

  • What are the cost of attractions / tours?

  • Is it really feasible?

  • What are the cost of child essentials, nappies, milk, etc?


You can only estimate at this stage but it’s best to err on the side of caution and add a little extra to your savings fund.

Create a savings plan

  • It’s time!!! Pull out those bank statements and see where your money actually goes.

  • Make a list of all non-essential expenditure and prepare to cut them!

  • Can you generate some extra income? A second job maybe, property income, selling unwanted goods?


Set realistic goals

  • Be realistic, you’ll still have bills, the cost of running a home isn’t cheap and unless you’re going on a crash diet, you’ll still need to eat.

  • Limit eating out but don’t deprive yourself.

  • Cut out the extras (what do you need & what do you want), like takeaway coffee, after work drinks, cinema trips and shopping. Think about making a meal plan, and only buy what you’re going to eat! Make use of all the free activities available to you, take the children to the park, visit friends, and watch a movie at home.

cut out your daily Starbucks. Think about this… £2.80per day x 5 days a week x 52 weeks is £728!!!


Set your plan into motion

  • Once you’ve got a better understanding of your outgoings, begin making the changes.

  • Set up a dedicated ‘Travel fund’ and invest generously!!

  • Sell any items that you no longer use

  • Reduce your utility bills

  • Quit smoking

  • Make your own lunches and dinners

  • Cancel your non-essential subscriptions such as gym membership and train at home for free!

  • It will be tough but stick to it and you’ll see the pennies adding up!

  • Commit to your dream and simplify your living. If nothing else, you’ll depend on this skill whilst travelling.

Gyms cost around £30 per month…. That’s £360 per year.


Review and monitor

  • Be mindful of the fact that as with any ‘full proof plan’, it may be subject to change.

  • See what works for you and your family and be open to tweaking your plan.


Saving isn’t easy with children especially when friends, toys and nursery are involved but it is doable, and every little adds up, believe us!

Mind Set

It’s important to think positively, you’re committing to a dream that many wish for but very few actually pursue. Just think, all of the savings that you make now can be used to travel and live in a little more luxury along the way.

Focus on the bigger picture, the cost of a take away back home could feed you and your family for a week in South East Asia, or better yet see you living like a king in Bali.

Eat well, sleep well, and save well…it’ll be worth it in the end, we promise you!

Saving For Your Adventure

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