Basic Information:

  • Capital - Washington DC

  • Largest city - New York City

  • Official languages - English

  • Currency- US Dollar $

  • Entry Requirements for UK citizens - UK.GOV


Safety Information:

  • Keep Electronics hidden away

  • Keep cash in money belt

  • Take taxis at night

  • Avoid dark streets, stay in public areas

  • Beware of counterfeit money

  • Keep an eye on all your bags at all times

Guides to the areas we visited



United States of America, has 50 states. In the capital and financial hub, New York, you’ll be dwarfed under the mirrored sky rise buildings. Follow the foot flow to the world renowned Wall Street and lose yourself amongst the hustle on Times Square. Not forgetting of course the iconic Statue of Liberty accessible by ferry or if you’re feeling flush, by helicopter! And for those seeking a little tranquillity in this mega city metropolis, Central Park, the inner city urban park is the place to go!

Los Angeles on the west coast is the home of ‘glitter & gold’ and Hollywood of course. The South offers more of a Hispanic feel with its neighbouring countries such as Mexico and Cuba.​

The vast country has something for everyone, from amusement parks such as Disney resorts, universal studios, and Six Flags, soul, music, portions fit for a king (and his army) and of course some world class beaches. Covering such a large span, the weather can change drastically from the north having snowy winters to the south being basking in tropical climates all year round.


Here are the top things to do in USA:

  • Disney world resorts

  • Grand Canyon

  • Statue of Liberty

  • Central Park

  • Florida Keys / Key west

  • Golden Gate Bridge

  • Empire state building

  • Niagara falls

  • Yellowstone national park

  • Las Vegas Strip

  • Times Square

  • Route 66

  • The White house

  • Hoover Dam

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